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Oh My Darling

Oh my darling oh I had a dream that I slept with a nympho and she didn't care I was sensitive
 oh she kissed like a man
 and told me its true 
that there were some things 
she felt she had to do So if I were a thing and you were someone I tell you it's true darling you are the one but if I were a man and yet you could not tell i'd sleep in your dreams and I'd live well oh my darling oh I had dream that spiders came creeping into my room right out from the ceiling and my baby I held so tight in my arms to escape inescapable feeling So if I lived a life and you were my child Id bite or get bitten to have you But if I wasn't real and you didn't know I'd slink right beside you real slow Oh my darling oh I had a dream that I wasn't dreaming an apparition read my dream for some meaning but to mean isn’t real and to be's not enough yet to see is to know life is rough So if I coulnd’t tell the real from unreal would it matter much to not know what I feel But if I knew truth of blinking and being I'd gather your heart for the stealing It's not about what's inside rather, it's not about all that you do not know for to hold you and know you and kiss you real slow is about how I learn to let go Oh my darling oh I had a dream that I took a ride in a big red ballon oh us two were inside and how we floated down and descended un-being and came out alive as children in love So if I could recall our love from before I'd find you somehow and curl up on the floor But if I didn't know a love from a lie I'd curse how a memory can die

There Be...

There be but for brewing a dream stretched thin like elastic paper air that for to but fold across the sky douse one in espousal fantasie a wretched merry lie my skin be 2-ply but thine eye, it is digitizing a plastic economy that to but for downsize labor erect plastic monuments in reverie: an Omen and oracle -an acrylic advertisement of phallic demographique I buy paper buy the roll 2-ply, 4-ply, 2K, 4K and never may too soon falls as sand through finger to a ground in a city in a state on earth airth heirth where first commerce came before people and now people stand in front of an orbital path laugh guffaw snort chuckle chide giggle aside why but for knowing is not enough? The History book The history channel Drunk history charity malady fallacy parody chastity fantasie the intimacy of destruction F-bombs bursting in air like porn shop cum shots who’s having shots? Michael was an angel now dead and never matter more in store many and too much more you can read it OR write what... open to public open for busyness open for laziness open for craziness open for listlessness open for bullshit-ness open for hit-list-es open for dismissiveness open for hopelessness where's my merry Christ-mass-ness-list's-es? Phooey phew ph-wow bad bad-a bing bing google chrome safari I need American truck from Mexico to get to lipstick jungle herpes triangle? and Howe! honk honk beep beep who's got the keys to the keep sheep cattle ram round horns are spiral head bones and a duck got a spiral dick a pig got a spiral tail a snail got a spiral shell whats not to tell well well I count wit a pinapple cuz im cao cao nuttie an like da smell got milk beef beefeatin’ thief breadwinner show-runner bed-maker bacon bringer love-lyer and Sinatra said he loved you kick rocks and walk boots babies this cracker jack stand keeps asbestos in the prize box Surprise! miners lung popcorn lung poison birth control And we got Slurpies quirkies quickies beef jerk-eyes on the counter topless and closeth the eyes-eth and taketh un biteth MMmmm it tastes like liquid smoke And i could vape-vape-pass this technology minerals a plenty toilet paper in a 100 pack pack o smoke pack-a tuna can pack my wee wee cheek Chesapeake the chicken of the sea is a cheasecake but you eat it but you eat it it it it it it IS what is what is not no more the matter I ask no questions but to hunt and gather catch and release but this not to be taken on person there's no where never to go... On Broadway, this Ol' world keeps draggin’ me down up on the roof I don't exist and be for alone it is I see there be nothing but for to knowing what is and what is coming/not coming sweetest be the slumber just before the dawn but the waking be but for a chance to dream of nothing and nothing be but for chance to BE something I fill the toilet the mouth my hands my pockets the tank the bank the coinery the joinery the hoisiery the blousery the nursery the cursory the cursurary the hearst-iary the bestiary is a human race animals are angels but I lie and eye lay every day and for dais and daze I can laze and I bathe in a lead bath MMmmm I'm made of stars whom’s got stars on stars? on thars? tramp stamps? Now you got a stamp of approval! trump stumps so much for head-bumps in the Delorian stink stunks? I canna say what is was you see how the bee buzz showbiz? I deal in floor fuzz peach fuzz an Fuzz you know what is was it not is what it is what is was ? I heard they keep it just under the eyelid who's got square-biz highest bid bad biz lowest bid the dating game don't be square a squared plus b squared equals see scared now let me factor the decay of plutonium hmmm now let me factor the decay of uranium hmmm Even Doc McStuffins has an organic time machine hmmm back forth and around the world and again back forth and back Wow circumvent circumscribe circumcision circumference this one big wholly mess holy mess round round unfoundedly round Holy mess! How's that for a term of endearment! Show sympathy for the killer with a smile We gotta feed America the Dating game "The mating ritual of the homo-sapien is one of fits and spats flirts and brats hurlier and burlier willy-nillyier and nillier pell-ier and mell-ier rigamarole-ier and rigamortiste." Where's the love? everything is so expensive but I want one thing: I want you que es artiste? I got a wood-chuck-woolery: wood chuck slipper wood chuck ball warmers wood chuck cozies wood chuck nosies warmies MMmmm the police murder by numbers Mmmmm I can eat the chicken cheasecake bitch and skull fuck Bambie for some skull candy beats by beats by beats by whom? multi-million dollar endowments be an Ivory runes' wet dream who’s gonna hold my hand now? whom’s going to meld my hand Now? hair of the dog dog eat dog shark tank dog... eat... dog... MMmmm she was a bitch anyways Mmmmmm eat fuck eat kill fuck buy sell eat fuck kill MMmmmm tasty tinder tender member for the blender death it all burns i am not sad yo en fue GO MMmmm cookin with fire MMmmm the special sauce is soul. Ima Soul Man Super Bad it's on the wall build break borrow Whats you credit score? whats in your wallet whats in your pocket you put a wocket in your pocket but a wocket in a socket? MMmmm plug me in baby sky rocket the juice is loose the nuce is loose spruce goose whether why for which why to choose? any which why but loose any which why but puce well, puce is really beautiful see women bleed and I was a teenage phlebotomist MMmmm blood in the water bringeth the carrion I carry on and on Mmmm io ...someone is typing ... what is artist? loving every minutia of it it it it it its gift was to live its art is dying io

Tick Tock Dick

Hickory-dickory dock why-for, witherto, not of hitherance dary o' witherance wore but what there that was
 and never yet more
 O Wee
 O Willie
 O wink but of blinking
 O night
 O naught
and shrinking
 Tick Tock
 and Goat
 O gut 
O glutton 
O frog o' the Throat
 Drop'o the coat
 for the floor
 is for lovers
 she shivers
 she quivers 
she pokes o'the livers
 And bite with a mouth 
and a tooth 
amongth teeth 
 O'drip o'the teat So now wash O'the hand and Yes, Wipe O'the face Do wipe down and come down All over this place Say he walks standing up O'the feet o'the ground O'me and O'may and O'my t'what-ist Found No your counting is foolish see here where's the digit You bite but-est backwards and growl And-est fidgit But for wither was to yet and hither-est tarry but the tither-est breast is the wilder-est Dairy Kids want milk in the mourn For the mustache's ache it's milk-iest sate for th'whitest of plate We got Homo And Mono and bicarbonate we got petro and petrol and Glue-ta-ta-mate Say you got but a dollar But, Who got but a dime now you smash em together just mix in some grime Ad a lime and a shot but tilt back but the chin And just think but, of what but But, what time 'tis din you can din and damper and Hamper and query you can question interrogate confidence parry and moreover brush off sluff off tune-out and drone you can blow off ignore abstain un-condone you can argue pester fester complain you can piss off fuck off knock off or zane but too and for to ascertain uncertain sure Curtail derange O'chain of fools And plenty 40 aught 60 aught not, not for !Score! twenty twenty twenty And four O'witherto Wither-why-for Top floor Cellar door an Mor an Mor an Mor What for O'witherfore and hither and tither O'wither-why-not-fore? And- but, More

Stack Stuck

flap-jack; cracker-jack; short-stack; coat-rack: hang my skin in the aviary, I'm not coming home. but bury my bones in the anthill, for there's so much left not to be done; the nightingale is crying to a world dancing in a socket- you can wrench a heart no more than screw a sliver!

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Goddess of Mercy (A Monster’s Twilight Recompense)

To love you Luna I dream you- hard. And, in the morning You are pressing in my Elvis region. A sturgeon: “And, how many eggs does she lay?” And thus, how much protein can a peanut-headed-boy perform? It only took but two times To make two daughters Who suckle the witches’ teats. So from this storm We blow kisses at the moon From the streets.

Grab-Ass - Fault

Tick-tock I dropped my dick- it seems I’m always falling, Break a heart, slash my wrist, I hear my mother calling. Babies in the kitchen, yes, Mama’s pouring honey, I’d like to take a bill collector- stuff his ass with money. Walking down these pissed-on streets, pretty women wonder: Could they milk my chocolate teats? Don’t hurt to ask- no bother. This sun, this smog and fiery days, what’s that: a stupid talker, I hear it from my pedestal- the pudgy, judge-y gawker. Pull it out baby, now- gulping down the cow’s milk, Mix a little co-co in it, put it where it hurts, You learn to live with assholes but one’d rather look up skirts. Whom gone’ be the President- wrote Clinton with a crayon, They pen-pal to my Dr. but it’s God I think I irked. The sexy one-the Mexy one, love China, Russia’s calling, Beauty walking round the world- My dick is always falling. Who will be the President? Roll another joint, Stick it in, Full of sin, I guess I missed The Point. Pull It out, Scream and shout, Brothers’ in the joint. Mama’s on her death bed but I guess I missed the point. Babies always crying because I guess I missed the point. Ladies always whining cause she trying to make a point. So take your gun, Senators son And point it in the mirror, The inner self that scares us all Is what we truly fear. My inner self is speaking to me- hear it loud and clear, It says my dick is falling cause it’s safer than a beer, It says my dick is falling-love to all- and never fear, It says my dick is falling For, for you, I’m falling dear.

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